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Family Roast Beef Dinner 4 x adults

Family Roast Beef Dinner 4 x adults

Roast Beef Dinners 4 x adults (500g) Tender slices of roast beef served with seasonal vegetables, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and buttery mash in a rich meaty gravy.

*Extra meaty gravy can be purchased for the bit on the side menu*

INGREDIENTS  Potato 29%, Beef 22%, Veg 34% Beef Stock Beef Stock(Salt,Veg Fats(palm,shea butter,sal butter)potato starch, sugar,beef extract,yeast extract,flavourings, onion powder, caramel, syrup, maltodextrin,parsley,carrots, spices (parsley,CELERY seeds), PLAIN FLOUR, EGGS, MILK, olive oil