Contact 01925 357737 or email to discuss your requirements

We have different "Specials" available each week. Contact Customer Services 01925 357757 to find out what they are.   We can also advise this by text at the beginning of each week, all we need is your mobile telephone number to add you to our customer mailing list.

We learn by listening what our customers want, if that means changing a few vegetables for different ones - then so be it - after all we have our likes and dislikes

We communicate with our customers and Families about anything that we feel may be of concern
You can order different size meals depending upon your appetiteSmall £3.50Medium £4.50Large  £5.20X Large £6.00

Payment can be by cheque, card, bank transfer or direct debit.

You don't need to be in need.  Our service is for everyone, it might be you need a night off from cooking or you want to treat yourself

We also can provide you with that little bit of shopping you missed off your list.We can deliver milk, bread, newspapers with your meal orders.Larger orders eg. above 4 items but less than 10 items will carry a £3.50 charge.